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Inspired by the Kyusu teapot this gooseneck kettle's handle is 120 degree side way. This kettle is developed in collaboration with Tetsu Kasuya, 2016 world brewers cup champion. The kettle is designed to stay naturally horizontal with the working sruface, minimzing the burden on the wrist and assist with the pour.  Practical capacity is 600 mL, full capacity (to rim) is 900 mL.


    • Stainless Steel
    • Compatible with induction and direct flame heating surfaces
    • Functional Capacity: 600ml
    • Full Capacity to Rim: 900 mL
    • Height: 127mm
    • Width: 270mm
    • Depth: 150mm
    • Made in Japan


    Hario - Tetsu Kasuya Pour control Kettle

    Hario - Tetsu Kasuya Pour control Kettle

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