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This small producer regional lot was created from coffee growers in the Alotepec Metapan region who work with CafeNor. The quality of these lots were better suited to a balanced regional blend than to offer as single microlots, and sometimes the lots themselves are too small to stand alone as microlots. We purchase these coffees to offer a wider range of quality, and producers can sell more of their coffee for a better price.

This lot is traceable to the farm level, and was milled in the area’s carbon neutral dry mill run by CafeNor. CafeNor hopes to continue to innovate with sustainable specialty coffees, and hopes to be able to provide financial incentives for producers to farm coffee while protecting their natural environment.

Washed, sundried on African-style raised beds. Dry milled in a Metapan’s carbon neutral dry mill. For this lot, 11 producers delivered 100% Pacamara variety coffee to the mill. These producers come from 4 communities in the departments of Santa Ana and Chalatenango. Primavera bought and blended coffees of 84 and 85+ points to create a regional blend showcasing this classic Salvadoran profile. This lot was inspired by Primavera's Family Blend that they began offering years ago from Guatemala, but it has a fantastic profile all its own - hence the name Primavera Friends Blend!

El Salvador - Primavera Friends Pacamara | Washed

El Salvador - Primavera Friends Pacamara | Washed

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This washed Pacamara is comfortable with toffee sweetness and citrus acidity.
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Toffee
  • Chocolate

Coffee Details

OriginEl Salvador

RegionAlotepec Metapan

FarmsVarious small producers




Elevation1400-1650 MASL


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