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What you will get: 40-45g of coffee.
These are off-menu coffee items. Some are auction samples we purchased and some are very limited coffees we have brought in. Some of the coffee is very exclusive. NO SPECIAL REQUEST. The bag will have no fancy label and most likely will just be hand written.

All funds will go towards our coffee competition program. This includes the sourcing of competition coffee and other competition related expenses.

Each pack contains 40-45g of coffee. These coffees are roasted on our Ikawa micro-roaster or Kaffelogic Nano 7 Roaster. We roast 50g of green coffee for each order and hand sort the beans to remove any roast defects. This results in a varying amount of coffee in each bag.

Brewing Tips: Since these are roasted on a small roaster, we recommend brewing this coffee within 4 weeks of the roast date. Try grinding a little bit finer than usual, and tighten up your usual ratio. For example, if you generally do 1:16, try 1:15 as your starting point.


Rogue Wave Coffee - Roaster Surprise Mini Pack

Rogue Wave Coffee - Roaster Surprise Mini Pack

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