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This workshop focuses on the seven essential variables of coffee brewing and teaches students how to dial-in recipes across a few common brew methods. This class is more in-depth than the Home Brewing 101 previously offered in March. 

Length - 4 hours - Sunday May 26th 2024 - 9 AM - 1 PM 

Location: Rogue Wave Coffee, 11322 119 ST NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Maximum class size 8 

Topic covers by this class:
Coffee theory: washed vs natural processing
- coffee purchasing and storage
- the fundamentals of a brew recipe
- the seven variables of coffee brewing
- coffee-to-water ratio
- grind size
- water for filter coffee
- Equipment cleaning and maintenance 

This class is lead by Trent Rollings.

Trent is an accredited Specialty Coffee Association trainer, certified World Coffee Competition judge, and have taught many classes and courses around the world. Rogue Wave Coffee have partnered up with Trent to bring world class workshops to Edmonton.

Also available on the same weekend: 
Friday May 24th 5:30PM - 7:30PM  - How to Dial in Espresso
Saturday May 25th 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Sense the Rainbow 
Sunday May 26th 9 AM - 1 PM - Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing - This course
Sunday May 26th 2 PM -  6 PM - Water Works

Workshop - Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing - May 26th 2024 9AM-1PM

Workshop - Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing - May 26th 2024 9AM-1PM

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