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We are thrilled to offer 2 classes with an option to take exam for the SCA Barista Skill Foundation Certification.

If you would like to take both class but without the exam, please sign up for each class individually.

Location: Rogue Wave Coffee, 11322 119 ST NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date: Sunday March 3rd 2024
Class size: Maximum of 5 students per class

Work shop 1: Fundamental of Espresso - 9:00AM-1PM (3.5-4hours)
This workshop covers the essentials of pulling espresso shots and includes:
- Coffee theory: Arabica vs Robusta
- Coffee theory: Roast Profile
- Water for Espresso
- Coffee purchasing and storage
- espresso bar setup
- espresso recipe essentials
- espresso preparation workflow
- how to dial in espresso
- equipment cleaning and maintenance

Work shop 2: Fundamental of Milk Steaming, Latte Art & Milk Beverage 2PM-6PM (3.5-4 hours):

This workshop covers the essential of milk steaming and basic latte art and includes the following topics:
- milk steaming workflow
- how to steam microfoam
-basic latte art pattern: heart
- espresso & Milk beverage recipes
- flavored milk beverage recipe
- multi-beverage order management
- Alternative Milk purchasing and steaming

CERTIFICATION OPTIONS: Student must take both classes, cost including examination fee.
At the end of this course, you’ll take a written exam based on what you will learn during the course. When you pass that exam, you’ll get a certificate from the most widely recognized certification authority, the Specialty Coffee Association.

Use your certificate to get that dream job or display it in your home to help your guests know that you are certified to make them quality beverages.

This class is lead by Trent Rollings.

Trent is an accredited Specialty Coffee Association trainer, certified World Coffee Competition judge, and have taught many classes and courses around the world. Rogue Wave Coffee have partnered up with Trent to bring world class workshops to Edmonton.

From Trent:

There are a series of steps required to pull a tasty espresso shot, steam milk, and craft a delicious beverage. Doing even one of these steps incorrectly can ruin the entire beverage. The stakes are high!

These skills are essential regardless of whether you are preparing beverages in a coffee shop or at home for family and friends.

A few hours with an experienced trainer can help you fast track your learning and begin to craft high quality beverages quickly.

How do you get that time with an experienced barista trainer you might ask?

With Barista Skills Foundation Courses!

Leaning on research and science, this course cuts through all the fluff of making espresso and sets you on a path to success. You’ll quickly learn each skill one-by-one and then put it all together to make envious espresso-based beverages. Beverages that you can be proud of!

Also available - March 2nd, Home Brewing 101 5PM-7PM

Workshops - Fundamentals of Espresso and Milk Steaming - March 3rd 2024 (SCA certification optional)

Workshops - Fundamentals of Espresso and Milk Steaming - March 3rd 2024 (SCA certification optional)

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