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Looking for a cloth filter for your pour over? This is the one!

Using soft, organic cotton, and hand-sewn in the USA. It comes in a pack of two - so you've always got a spare.

We love the difference this filter makes. Not only are you reusing your filter, you're also creating a totally different flavour profile than you would get with paper or metal filters. Cloth filters allow more oils through, and therefore give you more body - without sacrificing complexity.

We've found that brew times using a CoffeeSock are a little faster (20-30s) than when using the same coffee with a paper filter. You may need to make your grind a little finer than what you would normally use for paper filter.

  • 100% Made in USA by Coffee Sock
  • Organic cotton
  • Two filters per pack
  • Comes in Hario V60-01, V60-02, and Chemex 6-13 size

CoffeeSock - Cloth Filter

CoffeeSock - Cloth Filter

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