Wholesale Coffee

We want to bring you delicious and exciting coffee from around the world and roast it to as exacting a degree as possible. A consistently high level of coffee requires time, effort, and care from seed to cup. If this sounds like you, we want nothing more than to be a part of your team's success!

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  • Process

    It is our goal to source and roast the most delicious and interesting coffees. We are meticulous with the details and put a high level of care into sourcing, working with producers, and roasting. 

  • Relationship

    We are committed to not only the relationship with our wholesale customers, but with the farmers and producers who we source our coffee from around the world. We aim to honor these relationships and nurture them as they are vital to our success.

  • Engagement & Support

    We have multiple touch points and a dedicated Wholesale Team to ensure wholesale customers feel supported at every step! We offer optional updates on our current coffee offerings, sourcing stories, and exciting things to come to keep you feeling engaged.

  • Education

    We offer approachable education for those new to the world of specialty coffee as well as for those who are more advanced in their coffee journey. With the help of SCA Certified coffee professionals, we are able to provide customizable cafe support and education.

Coffee Offerings

From sweet & comfortable to dynamic & expressive, we aim to offer coffees that fits any coffee program.

We will always have at least one coffee from Guatemala, Colombia, and Ethiopia on our Wholesale offerings, while also bringing in unique varieties and origins seasonally.

Our longstanding relationship with families in Panama also grants us the unique privilege to offer brilliant geishas & specialty reserve lots.

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Coffee & Equipment

Rogue Wave Coffee is the Canadian distributor and wholesaler of coffee equipment brands we trust such as Origami, Orea, Perfect Coffee Water, Aquacode, Kono, Torch, MHW-3Bomber, Cafede Kona, and 1ZPRESSO .

We offer Coffee & Equipment wholesale options to ensure you are set up well for retail and service.

Co-branding, Private Label & Custom Roasting

We provide co-branding, private label, and custom roasting! Have an idea? Let us know!

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