1ZPRESSO Wholesale

Rogue Wave Coffee is incredibly proud to be the official Canadian distributor of 1Zpresso products.

1ZPRESSO was born out of the dual passions of engineering and coffee product design. Founded in Taiwan in 2017 by a group with science and engineering backgrounds, the company's philosophy is to begin the design process from the perspective of the end user. Thus, the products have at their heart a satisfying and rewarding user experience - an experience that will be rewarding day after day, brew after brew. Their products are efficient in task, reliable, and solidly built. They will be a proud addition to your home brewing setup.

Product Line:

Q2 – Portable, Affordable and Reliable. This travel-sized grinder sports a comfortable grip and is excellent for grinding single cups of coffee. Perfect for travel, camping, Aeropress, and pour overs. Small enough to fit inside the Aeropress’ plunger to take with you on your travels.

JX - Wider Burrs and Larger Capacity. This larger grinder has bigger burrs which allows for easier, faster grinding and can hold and grind more beans at one time. Great for pour overs, French press, and Aeropress.

JX-Pro - Wider Burrs, Large Capacity, and Micro Adjustment. Similar to the JX, except the JX-Pro has a finer level of adjustment which gives you the necessary control to dial-in for espresso. The burr adjustment is on top, which means you do not have to open the catch cup to adjust the grind. Great for pour over and espresso.

JE-Plus – Itamil Coated Carbon Steel Burrs, Larger Capacity, Magnetic Catch Cup, and Micro Adjustment. Amazing for espresso. The magnetic catch cup comes with a dosing bell that allows you to quickly detach, place on top and dose straight into your portafilter. The Micro Adjustment in conjunction with the espresso-specific coated Itamil coated burrs enables you to precisely dial in your espresso and make incremental adjustments for each shot. 

K-Pro - External Adjustment Ring, Wider Burrs, and Large Capacity. The bona fide all rounder. Sporting an easy to use and highly visible external adjustment ring, large burrs for quick and easy grinding, and a larger bean capacity, the K-Pro is a do-it-all grinder that is great for pour overs. 

K-Plus - External Adjustment Ring, Wider Burrs, Larger Capacity, and Magnetic Catch Cup. The K-Plus is similar to the K-Pro, but has a magnetic catch cup that comes with a dosing bell that allows you to quickly detach, place on top and dose straight into your portafilter. As such, it is the all-rounder that is good if you make espresso drinks and pour overs. The all-rounder with espresso edge. 



What do I need to do before using the grinder for the first time?
The 1Zpresso grinder is ready to use straight out of the box. Adjust the grind setting and enjoy. Your purchase will also come with 200g of old coffee for you to play around with and adjust the grind settings so that you don't have to waste your precious Rogue Wave coffee.

How do I adjust the grind setting?
*Internal / Top Numerical Adjustment*
By twisting the adjustment dial in a clockwise position until reaching the lowest grind setting, then simply move the adjustment dial counter-clockwise to your preferred grind setting. More rotations produce a coarser grind.

*External Numerical Adjustment Ring]*
Twist the adjustment dial to adjust the grind setting. The Red Dot pointer above the dial indicates the setting, much like an electric grinder. The higher the number, the coarser the grind.

How do I clean and care for my grinder?
All 1Zpresso grinders can be easily dismantled without tools, allowing for thorough cleaning without the need to re-calibrate the burr after reassembly.

  • The grinder should be cleaned with only a dry brush and blower. 
  • Do not clean the grinder with water!
  • Once a month, dismantle the grinder and perform a thorough cleaning. This will maintain the best grinding results and, thus, the best tasting coffee.

There is a small scratch on the surface of the catch cup, is this normal?
Manufacturing is carefully controlled to limit substantial cosmetic defects, but very small imperfections on the surface of the metal are to be expected in the aluminum anodizing process.

Are variations in the grain of the wood of the handle knob considered normal?
As a natural product, wood exhibits variations in grain and smoothness that synthetics do not. These variations are considered normal and desirable.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on your product?
All 1Zpresso products include a one-year limited warranty covering normal usage.

What can I do if I have technical problems?
We offer instructional videos on our 1Zpresso Youtube Channel, or you can contact us with specific technical problems. Provide as much detail as possible, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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