Rogue wave coffee roasters

Our mission is a tireless obsession.

We want to bring you delicious, adventurous, and exciting coffee from around the world and roast it to as exacting a degree as possible.

We also endeavour to bridge the gap that often exists between roasted beans as a product and the cup of coffee that marks the end of a roasted bean's journey. As such, we are continually taking the deep dive into the science and craft of brewing - it is a descent that we will likely never truly find the bottom of and we find this never-ending aspect of our journey both exciting and reassuring, and one we want to share with you. Simply, we cannot imagine coffee without innovation and a quest to be better.



Founded in 2016, Rogue Wave Coffee emerged from a decade old shared dream of 2 Davids, David Laville and David Walsh, with the initial goal of making a living through coffee. With the unpredictable nature of Rogue Wave, Ply Pasarj, joined the partnership in 2018.

From a small team of 3, we are now a team of 12, each with different experiences and role in the coffee supply chains, forming an extraordinary team that excel in roasting and sourcing, and providing the best customer service and cafe experience.

We focus on ethical sourcing of coffee and do as much direct trade as we possibly could. All of our equipment and gear are sources with focus on user experience, beautiful craftsmanship, and innovation.

Rogue Wave Coffee Co.


It is our goal to source and roast the most delicious and interesting coffees and gear for you and your business. We want nothing more than to be a part of your business's success, and to foster a long-term relationship.

We would love to explore the possibility of supplying you with coffee further. In order for us to best advise you on if we are a good fit for providing your business or café with coffee, we will need to know more about your coffee needs and what you want to achieve with your coffee program. In addition, we would be happy to send samples for you to try. Please send us an inquiry with what type of coffee you are seeking and how you will be brewing. We can also provide co-branding, private label, and custom roasting. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

We are also the exclusive is Canadian distributor and wholesaler of Origami, Orea, Perfect Coffee Water, Aquacode, Kono, MHW-3Bomber, Cafede Kona, MX COOL, and 1ZPRESSO grinders products.

We are also wholesaler of Brewista, Bonavita, Yiting, Omeshiso, Third Wave Water, and Ankomn.

More brands to come!

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