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Yiting Pure F is a recyclable, non-woven fabric coffee filter. This filter was used by the individual who placed 5th in the 2019 world brewers cup in Taiwan. 


2 Cups = 1-2 cups, same size as V60-01,  2-cup Kono, 2-cup Origami, and 2-cup Cafec

4 Cups = 1-4 cups, same size as V60-02, 4-cup Kono, 4-cup Origamis, and 4-cup Cafec

Quantity : 100 single use filters per pack for 01 (2 cup), and 80 single use filters per pack for 02 (4 cup)

Material: Proprietary food-grade non-woven fabric, a PE+PP composite. Heat-resistant, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and recyclable. It can brew with water temperatures up to 100°C / 212°F

Made in Taiwan. 

The lab test is done by SGS Taiwan and you can view the report here

Our testing of the filter:

This filter is on the slower side but, importantly, it does not clog. It produces a syrupy and creamy body in the cup while maintaining good acidity. We encourage you to use a coarser grind size to start.

Pro tip: The filter doesn't have a structure so it can be a little tricky to rinse, try putting a spoon in on top of the filter in the dripper and then rinse.

YiTing - Pure F | Non-Woven Fabric Filters - 2 Cups / 4 Cups

YiTing - Pure F | Non-Woven Fabric Filters - 2 Cups / 4 Cups

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