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Dargonwell Zhejiang Green Tea

From the Tea Girl:

Traditionally known as Long Jing, Dragonwell is a great 'Chinese classic' whole leaf tea with a bright tint of jade. The leaves are shaped while drying against a hot wok to press the leaves flat. The infusion has a clear green liquor, brisk, and tasty with elegant floral and grassy notes well structured with an edge of fresh hazelnut. Grown organically.

Ingredients: Green Tea

Tasting notes: butter, fresh grass, hazelnut

Region: Zhejiang, China
Cultivar: Long Jing 43
Producer: He, Wei Zhong
Altitude 500 MASL

50g bag - loose leaves

The Tea Girl - Dragonwell Zhejiang

The Tea Girl - Dragonwell Zhejiang

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