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Vanilla Coconut White Tea

From the Tea Girl:

A delicate Pai Mu Tan white tea flavoured with coconut and sweet vanilla, accented with coconut pieces, rose petals, and jasmine blossoms. A creamy lightly toasted aroma and flavour paired with underlying fresh vegetal notes of young tea buds.

Ingredients: White tea, coconut rasps, rose blossoms, jasmine blossoms, flavour

The Tea Girl notes:

Vanilla and coocnut is classic and complimentary combination. The White tea base highlights both flavours equally. It created a unique creamy flavour that really felt like cady coated milk chocolate experience. The rose and jasmine blossoms give the young tea buds a floral spring look and the flavour supports the new tea buds well.

50g bag - loose leaves

The Tea Girl - Vanilla Coconut White Tea

The Tea Girl - Vanilla Coconut White Tea

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