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Sierra de Las Minas is the largest mountain range in eastern Guatemala. It is located between the valleys of the Polochic and Motagua rivers and cuts through the departments of Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, El Progreso, Izabal, and Zacapa. Due to the different elevations and microclimates created by the mountain range, this is a region with diverse habitats. In 1990 it was declared a biosphere reserve as it is home to many native plants and animals. Sierra de Las Minas is composed of desert, pine forest, and Guatemala’s largest cloud forest. This cloud forest is the home of the national bird of Guatemala, the quetzal.

Two microclimates are created by the influence of the Atlantic Caribbean winds, altitude and range of Sierra de Las Minas. These moist winds hit the eastern side of the mountain range creating a humid cloud forest. As the air rises, it loses moisture, creating a dry desert-like climate on the west side of the mountain range. Stretching between 150 and 3010 meters in altitude, the mountain range spans 242 hectares and is home to 250,000 people, 222 communities, 63 rivers, and 5 departments.

Aside from a diverse landscape with hundreds of species of plants, animals, and birds it is also a hotspot for jade mining. This is the reason for the name Sierra de Las Minas, which translates to the mountain of the mines. Jade and marble are plentiful in the Río Motagua. Due to the heavy rains these precious stones are uprooted from the earth and spread about the land. Dating back before colonization, jade was used and traded in ancient Mayan civilization and is still today used in jewelry, sculptures, and trade.

This coffee is from Guatemala and has notes of apricot, caramel, milk chocolate, and pear.

Espresso, Pourover, and Filter

Guatemala - Farms of Sierra de las Minas | Washed

Guatemala - Farms of Sierra de las Minas | Washed

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This coffee is comfortable, smooth, and sweet, with tasting notes that remind us of:
  • Apricot
  • Caramel
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Pear

Coffee Details


RegionSan Antonio La Paz, El Progresso

Farms26 Farms in Sierra de Las Minas

OwnerLos Volcanes Coffee


VarietiesCaturra, Bourbon

Elevation1700-1800 MASL

ProcessFully Washed

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