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Torch bases may not be an exact fit since the production has been updated to create a more water-resistant base. Please note, since this is typical of the product, it is not covered under defect warranties if your base is not an exact fit.

The Torch mountain dripper is currently our favourite flat-bottom brewer. In addition to being cute, yet stylish and aesthetically pleasing, it produces a full-bodied, jammy and sweet cup of coffee. 

The Torch Mountain dripper comes with an untreated white ash wood base.

Fits: Kalita Wave 155 filters, cone type (Hario V01 or Kono 1-2 filters), and fan shaped (Kalita 02 or Melitta 02) filters with 2 folds along the seams. 

Blue and pink mountain drippers have a matte finish and are easier to stain. Black and White Mountain drippers are shiny and easier to clean.

Torch - Mountain Dripper | 1-2 cups

Torch - Mountain Dripper | 1-2 cups

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