Pour over coffee | What is it?

Pour over coffee | What is it?

We talk a lot about pour overs in the shop and you may notice we have a brew bar in the cafe. We have been known to have a large selection of brewing devices and a wide variety of coffees for just about anyone’s taste. 

A pour over is a method of manually brewing coffee in which hot water is poured over freshly ground coffee beans in a filter, usually made of paper or cloth, in a cone- or funnel-shaped device. A pour over is a ‘manual brew’ which you may also have heard about. A manual brew requires a bit more attention to detail. We find that it is more of an experience than it is just another cup of coffee. You have the ability to change many variables to create your desired cup. It allows the coffee's unique flavours and aromas to be more fully extracted, and allows the maker more control over the brewing process.

In the cafe we typically use an Origami Air or Ceramic and a Kono filter! Here’s our recipe for a general pour over. This is typically a great place to start but refine as you need!

What you need: 


  1. Pre-wet the filter paper to remove some of the paper taste and warm your mug, discard water.
  2. Grind your coffee to a medium grind size, around the consistency of sea salt
  3. Add 16 grams of coffee to your dripper
  4. First bloom: add 60 grams of water gently pouring the water in concentric circles. Once you reach 60 grams, wait until one minute has elapsed before beginning your second pour
  5. Second pour: add 100 grams of water all within 10 seconds of starting. Your total should be 160 grams of water added
  6. Wait until all the water has filtered through the coffee grounds (about 1:45 min). Add 95 grams of water, your total should be 255 grams of water.
Note: For a stronger brew, add only 240 grams of water. For a more gentle brew, add 265-275 grams of water

Enjoy the process and the journey with your coffee!


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