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The Janson Farms story started in 1926 when Carl Axel Janson, at only age twenty-one, left Sweden and came to Panama where he fell in love with the land, nature, and everything Volcán, Chiriquí Province had to offer. Carl decided to buy land, and he opened the first automated dairy farm in Panama. He imported Brangus cattle and different breeds of horses. He also imported largemouth bass and the bluegill fish from Florida, preserving the natural richness of the farm’s lakes for future generations.

In 1990, Carl’s sons Michael, Carl, Ricardo (R.I.P.), and Peter took over the business and officially founded Janson Coffee. They were driven by their dad’s obsession with hard work, quality, and love for the land; and their vision was and continues to be that of a company producing and selling nationally and abroad high quality specialty coffee of different varieties that we know and enjoy today – Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara and the famous Panama Geisha.

More than 30 years later, the story continues through Kai and Janette – second Janson generation, along with Jannette’s son Miguel – third Janson generation. Today, the three generations lead all operations in Panama to bring Janson Coffee to the local market and abroad.

Their two coffee plantations are located on the Talamanca Mountain Range on the slopes of Tizingal and Baru volcanoes. The area has special microclimate conditions which are a basic component in producing high quality specialty coffee.

Los Alpes farm is located on the Talamanca mountain range of westernmost Panama, North West of the Baru Volcano, same mountain of the La Amistad International Park (Unesco World Heritage site) The average altitude is between 1600 to 1800 above sea level. The rich volcanic soil and unique microclimate combined with optimal care of the geisha plants help us produce coffee berries which followed by a conscious selection and process results on high quality coffee. We take special care of our soils by not utilizing herbicides or insecticides which may deplete the soil of natural elements like minerals.  Our plantation is cleaned from weeds and grass without using herbicides.  Also, with the help of an expert agricultural engineer, and with periodical soil and leaves tests, we are constantly verifying that our soil has a balance of nutrients The result of an excellent cup is a combination of many factors:  rich volcanic soil, unique microclimate, optimal care of the coffee plants and careful selection of the best berries, followed by a meticulous processing at our beneficio.

In the photos: Kai Janson in Haceienda las Lagunas and cupping session with Ply, Kai Janson, Paul Ross, Justin of Longboard, Claudia of Janson Coffee.


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Panama - Janson Gesha Los Alpes Lot 137 | Anaerobic Natural - 100g

Panama - Janson Gesha Los Alpes Lot 137 | Anaerobic Natural - 100g

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This Gesha coffee is fruity, bright and sweet with notes that remind us of:
  • Strawberry
  • Orange Blossom
  • Tangerine
  • Pomegranate

Coffee Details


Region Volcán, Chiriquí

FarmsLos Alpes

OwnerJanson Family


VarietiesGreen tip Gesha

Elevation1700 MASL

ProcessAnaerobic Natural

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