Gifts for the Beginner Brewer

Gifts for the Beginner Brewer

The Beginner Brewing Gift Guide is here.

If you have been holiday shopping and wondering what to get for someone getting started brewing coffee at home, fret no more!

There are so many different coffee gifts that you can buy for the coffee lover in your life.  From brewing devices to grinders and, of course, coffee beans. If you are not sure what to get them, we have put together a handy list of favourites:

Brewing Devices

3 different brewing devices

Origami Air Is a resin origami that comes in beautiful colours. It is a lower price range than the ceramic Origami and is near indestructible. The original Origami comes in small and medium sizes and a multitude of colours - there really is a colour for everyone. Bases are all sold separately!

Kono in special edition colors

Kono One of our favorite brewing devices is the Kono! Not only is it an affordable dripper, but it also comes in many fun colours. An added benefit is that it's easy to take with you when you travel. Be sure to check out the Limited edition colors that are also available!

The Aeropress is a popular brewing device due to its compact nature that makes it a breeze to travel with. In addition, it’s an easy and forgiving way to brew a good cup of coffee. 


If you're really stuck, there are whole kits that include a serving carafe, brewing device and filters. Hario is a great option. There are two versions of this kit. One in complete glass and the other with the updated glass carafe

Hario Kit

A good mug to enjoy the brew you just made! We have a variety of mugs and cups for you to enjoy your coffee from. We’re a little biased, but we do love the Origami Aroma Mug!

Aroma mug

No matter what coffee brewing method you choose, be sure to use freshly roasted coffee beans. Optimally, the beans should be rested 7-10 days or so from the roast date to ensure the best possible cup of coffee.

For the experimental funky coffee drinker,  ABU Gesha RW-01GN | ASD Natural
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