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Fellows’ farms is an Inmaculada Coffee Farms project inspired and aimed to improve farmers quality of life by helping them to enhance their agronomical and picking practices while combining it with Inmaculada’s know-how and improving their price point; this way they can reach specialty coffees standards. The Fellows’ Program also aims to portrait the producers to the international markets with all the traceability so all of their work and effort can be appreciated. This way, together, we can deliver excellent coffees from different neighboring producers.

At the beginning of 2022 Inmaculada had the opportunity to meet amazing coffee producers in the region of Cauca and they expressed the difficulties they were having producing their coffees due to climate change albeit the rising prices. It was still not enough for them since their production lowered as well.

After that meeting, they presented a plan that would benefit both parties. They started out by buying small batches of coffee cherries from them and processing it at their farm, relieving them from the post-harvest processes and paying them a bonus for the quality cherries they’d harvested. 

It turned out to be an amazing new intrapreneurship and in mid 2022 they formally decided to execute this project today known as Fellow’s Farms Program.


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Colombia - Inmaculada Fellows' Farms | Natural Pink Bourbon & Castillo - 250g

Colombia - Inmaculada Fellows' Farms | Natural Pink Bourbon & Castillo - 250g

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This Natural coffee is sweet, rich and smooth with notes that remind us of:
  • Red Grape
  • Pomegranate
  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi

Coffee Details


RegionValle De Cauca

FarmsInmaculada Coffee Farms

OwnerHolguin family


VarietiesPink Bourbon & Castillo



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