Gifts for the Espresso lover

Gifts for the Espresso lover

Do you have a friend that drinks espresso? Do you need gift ideas for someone who loves espresso? We have some suggestions for the espresso lover in your life!

Let’s start with some gear:


1ZPRESSO - K-Plus, 1ZPRESSO - K-Max, 1ZPRESSO - J-MAX Are three different price ranges for our favorite hand grinders. All are fantastic with Espresso however there are some differences in which we will leave you with the guide on how to pick your 1Zpresso Grinder.

Baratza - Sette 270 - Home Espresso Grinder Offering 30 responsive macro-adjustments plus 9 marked settings of stepless micro-adjustment to let you dial in your shots time after time. We love this as an automatic grinder in the home for espresso.

Coffee beans:

A Classic Espresso | Comfortable and sweet with tasting notes that remind us of Pear, Apricot, Milk Chocolate, Apple & Almond.

A little juicy, fruiting and exotic | This anaerobic natural processed coffee has notes of raspberry, macadamia,  milk chocolate, guava, floral and melon

Decaf | This Sugar Cane Decaf processed coffee is sweet and comfortable with notes of cocoa, mandarin, honey and guava

Cups & Accessories:

A good espresso cup is half the fun. Having your favourite cup to drink out of is what brings the whole experience together. Everyone enjoys something different so we have a few of our favourites here. 

ORIGAMI - Espresso Cup 3oz Coming in a variety of fun and bright colours, this espresso cup is higher profiled and tulip shaped.

LOVERAMICS Twisted Glass Glass is a great alternative material to our porcelain cups. It is a green, 100% recyclable, strong and non-porous material. Loveramics offers this particular cup in 3 colours.

Kinto Ceramic Lab Cup This was created with beauty and comfort in mind. Great for a small cup of coffee or cappuccino, or espresso!

Umeshiso Mini Spoon  Perfect for stirring espresso and tea, portioning sugar and seasonings, really anything you can do with a tiny spoon. They are small, but they are mighty!


The Ankomn Vacuum Containers Turn-N-Seal is a new approach to perishable food storage that uses a powerful but simple-to-activate vacuum airtight seal. Perfect for storing your coffee after you open a bag to keep it fresher for a longer period of time. 

Cafede Kona - Dual Screen Digital Scale with Timer Also known as the Cafede Kona Ghost Scale. Our favourite coffee scale for bar and competition use. A rechargeable scale with USB-C with a secondary display.

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