Most Wanted: What's On Our Staff Holiday Wish List

Most Wanted: What's On Our Staff Holiday Wish List

When you’re surrounded by some of the best coffee brewing equipment in the world, it can sometimes feel like you’re window shopping at work every day! With the nicest grinders, brewers, and most beautiful assortment of drink ware around, how could we not want to slip something into our own shopping carts?

Today, we’re sharing what’s on our holiday wish list this season.
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 Loveramics Granite Tasting Cups

Janet, head of product development: Loveramics Granite Tasting Cups

Why Janet is eyeing these: these cups come in 3 unique shapes but all fit perfectly in the palm of her hands. Feeling the warmth from a hot beverage in these textured stone cups elevates the experience for her, and the stunning craftsmanship makes them feel organically luxurious.

 1zpresso K-Max Grinder

Dave W., co-owner and roast master: 1ZPRESSO K-MAX Grinder

Why Dave W. wants this on his list: the K-Max grinder is the sleeker version of the grinder he reaches for to make the best cup in the shop for himself every day.


Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Jesse, barista: Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

It’s safe to say that this kettle is one of the prettiest ones around on the market, and when you’ve switched from boiling water on the stove to an electric kettle, the process becomes so fast that it may even feel earth-shattering. We get why Jesse would want this one for the holiday season: it’s a kettle you want to show off on your countertops, has a gooseneck spout for precise pours, and did we mention it’s fast? More than anything, Jesse thinks it's very cool and this kettle would allow him to make delicious Rogue Wave Coffee at home. Jesse also said he would like World Peace, but it currently isn't on our website menu. :( 

(P.S. hop over to Instagram and swipe through this post to see the card Jesse made for Santa about this kettle!)


Orea Brewer

Lissette, barista: Orea Brewer

The Orea brewer is one of the newest additions to our brewer line up and it’s small, light, and indestructible, perfect for someone on the go who also likes to take their gear outdoors like Lissette. It’s sleek aluminium body is the embodiment of aesthetic, and with a light brown leather sleeve accessory available to enhance the look? Say no more.   


Torch Mountain Dripper and Torch Little Glass

Dave L., co-owner and the one who keeps us in line: Torch Mountain Dripper & Torch Little Glass

If you’ve ever met Dave and got him talking on this subject, you know that the Torch Mountain Dripper is his favourite one. The slight imperfect nature of the dripper makes every cup feel more artisanal to him and the cups of natural coffee he likes to brew in them have a fuller mouthfeel thanks to the flat bottom. The Torch Little Glass is his second pick and how could you not covet it when it’s the cutest glass we have around?!



Torch Little Glass   

Sheh, barista & web-designer: Torch Little Glass

Why Sheh likes these: Like Dave L., the Torch Mountain is her favourite dripper and she thinks that it’s cute that there is now a glass to match the brewer!


Origami Flavour Cup Set  

Ply, co-owner and decorated coffee competitor (as of late, 5th place at the World Brewers Cup 2021): Origami Flavour Cup Set

Why this is on Ply’s wish list: did you know that flavour and aroma can be shaped by the vessel you drink it out of? It’s true! Ply enjoys this set as it’s a great starting point to explore this phenomenon between flavour, aroma, shape of the drink ware, as well as the initial point of contact where the drink meets tongue, and how this all can shape the perception of taste.


We hope that these mini reviews of our staff waxing poetic helps you navigate your holiday shopping, and that there’s much more than what initially meets the eye with some of these products! Shop the list.

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