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The MHW-3Bomber - Flash espresso tamper uses an original three-spring design, which not only maintains a constant pressure of 30lbs, but also provides sound feedback.

- TITANIUM coated based is more durable and better at preventing static electricity, and can also reduce the amount of powder left on the coffee tamper after each tamping, making it easier to clean.
- ERGONOMIC HANDLE: When you tamp, your fingers will have a contact surface, which can be more comfortable when tamping. The handle combines wood and metal, elegant and delicate.

- Walnut handle - due to the nature of the material, the colour and pattern will be different, and there could be small scars, mineral lines and other natural occurring effects. Thank you for your understanding. 

Size: 58.35mm for 58mm basket
Material: Walnut, Stainless Steel SUS304, Aluminum alloy
Weight: 365g
Made in China

MHW-3BOMBER - FLASH Constant Pressure Tamper 58.35mm

MHW-3BOMBER - FLASH Constant Pressure Tamper 58.35mm

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