The Most Exciting 25 Bestselling Gifts For The Holidays

The Most Exciting 25 Bestselling Gifts For The Holidays
Flat lay of 25 gifts in Christmas tree shape from Rogue Wave Coffee

Giving gifts during the holiday can be a tricky task, and finding gifts that are exciting can sometimes seem even more like a headache. Whether you’re new to the world of speciality coffee or not, gift giving can seem like a daunting task.

Do you buy the coffee connoisseurs in your life a new set of mugs to enjoy their daily coffee or a new top of the line grinder? Which are the most popular coffee brewers  most people are reaching for now a days? Is that a good choice for the budding coffee enthusiast?

In this article, we’re sharing our top 25 bestselling items that’ll surprise and delight any coffee loving person in your life, regardless of where they’re at in their coffee journey.

Top 25 bestselling gifts

  1. Origami Dripper Size M — our best-selling brewer, and with good reason! This geometric porcelain dripper has caught the eyes (and hearts) of many with its pleasing aesthetic and plethora of colours. This coffee brewer ridges optimize the bloom and brew speed for optimal pour control, and being a medium sized brewer, it’s the perfect one to make coffee for two.

  2. 1ZPRESSO JX-Pro Grinder — Our best-selling grinder! This grinder with wide burrs and a large capacity also features finer level adjustment compared to some of our other 1ZPRESSO grinders which means it’s great for both pour over and espresso.

  3. Coffee Sample Packs— our sample bags got a refresh right in time for the holidays and the smaller size is not only great for those who want to try multiple Rogue Wave Coffee offerings, but also are the perfect stocking stuffer size.

  4. Gift Card — Sometimes the easiest gift to give is the one where you don’t need to call the shots! Gift a little, or gift a lot.

  5. Torch Mountain Dripper — A favourite in the shop! This brewer that comes in 4 different colours and compared to more conical drippers, the Torch Mountain produces a more full-bodied, jammy, and sweet cup of coffee thanks to it’s flat bottomed nature that allows more oil from the coffee beans to pass through.

  6. 1ZPRESSO K-Pro Grinder Dark Metal Blue — this slim grinder is the one we call “the bona fide all-rounder”. The easy to use and visible external adjustment ring and larger burrs (compared to other grinders) make for quick grinding.

  7. Origami Aroma Mug — available in 18 different colours (!!), this conical mug was specifically designed to cover the nose while drinking to allow for better fragrance retention for a fuller sensory experience. And with so many different colours and styles to choose from (regular shiny, vintage, matte), it’s a world of possibility.

  8. 1ZPRESSO J-MAX Grinder — one of our newest 1ZPRESSO grinders added to the line-up, and with the finest adjust mechanism among all the 1ZPRESSO grinders, the J-MAX is suitable for espresso and it's designed for quick disassembly thanks to the magnetic catch cup.

  9. Perfect Coffee Water — for the folks in your life who are more than just “coffee dabblers” and take their brewing seriously, creating their own blend of coffee water may be their ticket to a less bitter, smoother, more flavourful, and juicy cup (and what’s not to love about that?)

  10. Aeropress — One of the most versatile and portable ways of making coffee, the Aeropress and Aeropress GO checks all the boxes for someone who loves great coffee, is on the go quite a bit, and needs something that’s small, portable, and convenient for travel. The aeropress comes with a scoop at 350 filters out of the box which makes it easier than ever to get brewing immediately. Looking for a recipe? Here’s a basic one developed by Ply who was also the 2019 Aeropress Canadian Champion.

  11. Origami Dripper Holder AS Resin — humble as this dripper holder may seem, this resin holder with ridges to perfectly fit your Origami dripper and auto-levels it! This dripper helps you ensure you have a flat and even bed while you brew, which means a more consistent cup and less troubleshooting on the horizon.

  12. Kalita filters 155|185 — these filters with their flat bottoms are perfect for the torch mountain dripper, and are key to producing that jammy and fuller bodied cup. They can also be used with an Origami dripper for an interesting take!

  13. Aquacode — like Perfect Water, Aquacode is meant for coffee brewers ready to take it to the next level and want to create their own coffee water blends that create the ideal balance of acidity and sweetness. Both of these products have different concentrations of magnesium and calcium, so we find it’s best to play and sample to find the best fit. Aquacode is used by coffee professionals and international coffee competitors like our own Ply Pasarj who placed 5th at the 2021 World Brewers Cup, as well as this years Brewers Cup Champion from Switzerland, Matt Winton.

  14. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle — once you use an electric kettle once, you’ll never go back, and those sentiments will escalate once you use a gooseneck kettle to make a pour over coffee at time. Precise control is necessary to pour those concentric circles needed for this kind of brew, and if you’ve ever used a tea kettle to try and make a pour over, you know it’s comical at best. Bonus points for this kettle for also being b-e-a-utiful.

  15. Timemore C2 Manual Coffee Grinder — while we still belive grinders are a buy once cry once kind of investment, the C2 grinder from Timemore is a solid, slim grinder that provides a consistent grind every time. And with 5 colours available, there’s something for everyone and every aesthetic.

  16. Baratza Encore Electric Grinder — while we love high quality hand grinders above everything else, this entry-level electric grinder is great for those who wants coffee ground at the twist of a knob, and a good choice for those who may have difficulty using a hand grinder. This grinder can be used for all coffee but we don’t recommend using it for espresso.

  17. 1ZPRESSO Travel Case | Cylinder — we know, we know, how exciting can a travel case really be? But this case is one of our top sellers for a reason as it keeps your 1zpresso grinder safe while travelling, an important thing to keep in mind when transporting these stainless steel and aluminum grinders and keep them looking like new.

  18. Scale with Timer — while we love fancy things with all the bells and whistles, sometimes simple is best. Purchasing equipment when you’re getting into specialty coffee can add up quick, so when something like this simple scale with timer comes along get’s the job done for less, we’re in. This scale measures to the 0.1 g and with a timer built in so you can stay on track with your basic coffee recipe, it’s kind of a no brainer that you should have one of these in your (metaphorical) back pocket.

  19. Timemore Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scale — looking for a sleek looking scale that doesn’t break the bank? This is the one. This scale from Timemore is accurate to 0.1 g and a timer that goes up to 59:59 min. The high temperature insulation pad keeps your scale clean and is necessary to use while brewing coffee to keep your scale functioning in tip top shape. This scale is rechargeable with USB type C which means no rummaging through your junk drawer looking for batteries.

  20. Kalita Wave Sagan Sandstone — This brewer is a collaboration between Kalita and Hasamiyaki and is a beautiful example of Japanese craftsmanship. This slim and sturdy brewer is unique in its materials as it blends sandstone and Hasami porcelain for a natural looking dripper that looks at home in almost any setting.

  21. Origami Barrel Aroma Mug — while this mug that comes in 16 colours is a great vessel for any hot beverage, the barrel shape and opening diameter was designed in mind for those who want an enhanced sensory experience. The diameter was specifically designed to cover the nose while drinking, allowing for more fragrance retention.

  22. Kinto Travel Tumbler 12 and 17 oz. — if you’re like us and always on the go, these travel tumblers are the perfect companion. Great for carrying a hot coffee, tea, or water, this tumbler’s simple cap style allows you to drink from any angle easily, and the double walled stainless steel is vacuum sealed which means your hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.

  23. Hario v60 02 Paper Filters — we know what you’re thinking, how are filter papers exciting? Yes, they have a utilitarian aspect to them, but in a way, they’re the backbone to your coffee brewing. When it comes to pour overs, without filter papers, you’ve got cowboy coffee instead (aka coffee grounds mixed with water…drink up, yeehaw!) These filter papers from Hario are iconic as they’re one of the most utilized ones out there for conical drippers, and this compared to Kono and Origami filter papers, these Hario paper filters are denser producing a cup of coffee that extracts slower, producing a cup that is higher in acidity, less body, and less sweetness than its counterparts.

  24. Kono Filter Papers – Kono filter papers are fluffy, less dense, and thicker than Hario v60 paper which produces coffee that is heavier in body and sweeter as well. You’ll also find coffees brewed with these papers are have a quicker draw time.

  25. Origami Filter Paper — this filter paper is similar to Kono filter papers but the pour speed is faster so with these, you can grind coffee a bit finer while producing a cup similar to what Kono filters produce. We find these pair great with the Origami Dripper.

We hope this fairly extensive list helps get you going for all your holiday shopping, and makes it smooth sailing!

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