How to Make: Cold Brew

How to Make: Cold Brew
Simple to brew and easy to drink, cold brew is what we reach for as the days start to warm up (any day now...), and when we're looking for a no-fuss drink. If you find yourself sitting on a stockpile of beans that just don't seem to be shining in the cup anymore, we have the solution for you.
Cold brew makes a mellow, sweet and less bitter cup as the low temperature of the brewing process tends to not involve the acidic compounds and oils that contribute to higher perceived acidity and bitterness.

We suspect that this method is more forgiving to coffee that might be a little past its prime because it doesn't involve these compounds as much which are more prone to staling as well as accentuating the sweetness in the bean that may have dulled with age.
Jar of old coffee sitting beside a plant
The ratio we use for our ready to drink cold brew is 1:10 so you can scale the recipe up or down to suit your needs. Note: This does have to sit overnight (do not skip this!!), so know that you will have to wait a full day before enjoying.
What you need
  • 60 g Coffee
  • 600 mL Water
1. Grind your coffee fairly coarse and add it to a jar that can hold all of your coffee and water
2. Add your water and stir to mix and saturate the grounds completely.
3. Place your jar in the fridge overnight for 16 hours.
4. Pour your brew through a pre-wetted coffee filter into another clean jar or server.
Serve over ice and enjoy. Any leftover coffee can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for 5 days.

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