Recipe: Aeropress

Aeropress Coffee

This is Ply's recipe for an everyday Aeropress coffee. Start here if you're new to using the Aeropress, but if you want to experiment further, check out Ply's Brew Bar for his award winning recipe that landed him the title of 2019 Canadian Aeropress Champion.

Aeropress Recipe (Inverted)

You will need

  • Aeropress
  • Normal Aeropress filters (recommended)
  • 14g coffee - medium grind
  • 90C water: 180g water for brewing + 15g water for bypass


  1. Add 14g of coffee into the Aeropress
  2. Add 70g of water and stir 10x
  3. At 30s add 110g of water and stir 10x
  4. At 1:45min, flip and plunge slowly. It should take you about 20-30 seconds to plunge. Stop at the hiss (air coming out).
  5. Add 15 g of water to your brew coffee (this is call a bypass and is optional).

    This makes about 5.7oz of coffee.
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