Recipe: Ice Brew

Man pouring water into Origami dripper making ice brew coffee

Man pouring water into Origami dripper making ice brew coffee

Ply is always tinkering with new ways to brew, and we're sharing his Ice Brew recipe with you. This method of making an iced coffee still captures the delicate notes of your brew while being a far quicker process than our tried and true cold brew recipe.

You'll find that this method produces a much sweeter, full bodied, and jammy iced coffee, and the Rwandan Dukorere featured above or any natural coffee will work perfectly with this recipe.

Ply's Ice Brew

  • Coffee dripper of your choice
  • Filter Paper
  • 20 grams coffee, medium-coarse grind
    (7-7.5 on 1zpresso K, 26-28 on Comandante)
  • 180-200 grams water around 94C
  • 2 carafes (or jars): 1 empty carafe and 1 carafe with 150-200 grams of ice

Note: Coffee/Water Ratio will be 1:9 to 1:10 (Ply prefers the 1:10 ratio). There is no bloom for this recipe and you'll pour all your water at once!

If you'd like a more delicate brew, use more ice.

  1. Place your dripper on the empty carafe, wet your filter paper, and add 20 grams of coffee; discard water used to wet filter paper
  2. Begin one long slow pour. Pour all 180-200 grams of water over the coffee. Pouring should take ~30 seconds and coffee should take ~1 minute to filter
  3. Once coffee is filtered into carafe, place the dripper with used grounds on top of the second carafe - the one with ice in it
  4. Then in 2 or 3 pours, pour 40-50 grams of the freshly brewed coffee into the dripper that still has the coffee grounds in it. The coffee will filter through the grounds into the carafe with ice. This should take about 1.5 minutes.
  5. Pour into a glass and enjoy your ice brew!

Once you get the hang of switching the dripper between carafes, the total brew time should take about 3 minutes

Need help to get brewing? Watch Ply make ice brew here

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