Recipe: Lazy Kono Pour Over

Kono Drippers in fun colors

This Kono pour over coffee recipe is super easy to remember, which is perfect for those early mornings when you need a cup and don't have the bandwidth to think yet. 

This recipe works with all of our coffees, and makes one 250 g cup.

Dave L’s Lazy Kono Pourover

1) Ensure your 16g of ground coffee is lying flat in the Kono.

2) In a gentle, circular motion, starting in the middle of the coffee grounds, slowly work your way towards the outside of the Kono and pour 50g of water. Be gentle! The goal is to get all of the grounds wet but to avoid having any of the water "crash" through the coffee bed.

2) At 35-40 seconds, do a second pour. Once again, be gentle! Pour in a circular motion, starting from the inside and working your way to the outside and pour 100g of water (150g of total water poured to this point).

Pay attention to the colour of the slurry - you want the colour to be consistent (this means even extraction).

3) Let the water almost completely draw down revealing the coffee bed. At this point, do your last 100g pour (to a total of 250g of water poured), echoing the pour you just did.

4) Upon finishing the last pour, lift the Kono and give it and the slurry a gentle swirl. Let the water draw down. Your total time should be no longer than 2:40. Enjoy!

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