How can I improve my cup of coffee *at home*

How can I improve my cup of coffee *at home*

Do you ask yourself this question on a regular basis? Do you read different recipes, watch YouTube videos, attempt to replicate recipes/ brew methods at home and, yet, somehow, things just aren’t right?

We have some tips that can make a huge difference in improving the quality of your coffee.

1) Filter Your Water
If you really think about it, the cups of coffee you drink are mostly water. The important point to note is that the composition of the water actually matters. This means using filtered water.

* Be on the lookout for further blogs about water! *

2) Invest in a good grinder
A good grinder goes a long way. It has the ability to give you a more consistent and even size of ground coffee, which in turn gives you a more well-rounded, tastier, and fuller cup of coffee. A more consistent grind also makes it easier to replicate the cup of coffee you made the day before. So, a lot less feeling like the outcome of your cup is a wildcard and more feeling in control of things.

*We recommend saving up and investing into something that you will love and use daily for years.* 

To learn more about how to choose your grinder click here

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3) Measure - Buy a scale!
Any scale is better than no scale, and will allow you to start using ratios for your morning cup. Once you start weighing out your coffee and water, you will begin to look at your brews differently. Improvement comes fast and it's a journey worth taking! 

Scales for coffee

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