Ply's Brew Bar

Ply's Brew Bar

This is an open recipe blog and open playground. I will continue to update this when I can. 


Water: Aquacode

Water ppm: 90-120ppm
Water Temperature: 88-94C
Hand Grinder: 1Zpresso K-Plus
Paper: Kono and all other paper too
Brewer: Origami S and Kono Meimon
Kettle: Kinto SCS and Brewista
Scale: Anything that work
Carafe: Pitchii and Origami Tea Pot
Aeropress paper: Standard, Aesir, and double Kono (hand cut).
Cupping Spoon: Aeropress 2019 World Aeropress cupping spoon
French Press:  Espro

Favourite Recipes:

2020 Canada Brewers Cup recipe:
Water used: Third Wave Water 118 ppm. 91C for bloom and 2nd pour. Last pour was at 88C.
Coffee used: Ethiopia Gesha Village - Illababor Forest Gesha lot 74 - Natural. Roasted on Ikawa sample roaster.
Brewed with: Origami dripper and Kono paper

16g coffee, 240g water 25 clicks on commandante
- 50g bloom for 1 min - No stir or swirl
- @1 min, add water to 160g, wait until drain
add water until 240g
Total brew time 2:45-3min.
2019 Canada Aeropress Recipe:
Water composition: 120 PPM third wave water, 87C
Coffee 25g - 25 clicks on Comandante
Water used 125g water to brew and 110g bypass (90-110 depending on desired strength)
Coffee provided (all competitor used the same coffee):Reunion Coffee Roasters - Elsavador Natural from La Cancha. 
Method: Inverted
Paper: double Kono paper, hand cut, criss-cross
1. add 125g of water, stir back and forth for 20s2. plunge at 1 min
3. stop at hiss
4. add 110g bypass

Note: This recipe is meant to bring out a lot of acidity. It may not work with coffee with a lot of acidity to begin with. I found this recipe doesn't work with many washed coffees either. 
Basic Small Brew Recipe:
This is my go-to recipe when I am unfamiliar with the coffee and want a small cup. Works with most cone shape brewer and small Kalita 155 filter.
13g coffee to 200g water. (1:15.3) Medium-Fine grind. Water at 94C
1. 45g water, bloom for 45s
2. @45s add water to 140g
3. @~1:15 add water to 200g
4. Finish around 2min
For a lighter cup, you can do 1 big pour after bloom. This is our flight recipe in our shop.
2020 Canada Barista Championship
Espresso recipe: 20g in, 36g out, in 20 seconds
Coffee Ethiopia Girma Estate
Variety: 74110 and 74112
Process: Lot 1 - 40 hours CIMA yeast fermentation
Recipe 1: My current (Jan 2021) favourite recipe
Grind size: 5.8-7.2 depending on coffee
Ratio: 15g coffee to 250g water (1:16.6)
Water temperature: 92C
Water: Aquacode at 91 ppm
1. 45g pre-infusion (bloom) for 45 seconds, no stir
2. Add water slowly in circular motion to 150g
3. at around 1:25 add more water up to 250g.
4. Total brew time around 2:20 min
I find that this recipe gives a vibrant acidity, balanced sweetness, and a pleasant linger finish for many coffee.
It is a very good starting recipe for many coffees :).
1. Aeropress recipe that was initially developed for Honduras Natural but it is suitable for many coffee.

14g coffee - medium grind, 90C water - 180g brew + 15g bypass. Normal aeropress filter

  1. add 70g of water and stir 10x
  2. At 30s add 110g of water and stir 10x
  3. At 1:45min, flip and plunge slowly. It should take you about 20-30 seconds to plunge. Stop at the hiss (air coming out).
  4. Add 15 g of water to your brew coffee (optional).

This makes about 5.7oz of coffee.

Requested recipes:
1. Colombia Ave Cafe Wush Wush Aeropress  (requested for Nov 7th Instagram Live)
My goal: to make a delicate, bright, and sweet finishing cup.
Need: 17g coffee medium grind, 150g water 91c+30-45g for bypass, 20g water - room temperature.
Method: Inverted and bypass
- 17g of coffee into aeropress, add 75g of water and stir 10x
- then add 75g of water and stir 10x
- @1:25min add 20g of the room temperature water and stir 10x - then flip and plunge
- plunge for 30-45 second until you hear the hiss
- you should be getting around 143-ish-g of coffee, add 30-45g of hot water depending on your desired strength.
Notes: Citrus grapefruit zest, orange blossom and hydrangia, watermelon candy, cocoa nibs, honey, sweet finish and sparkling aftertaste. This coffee is best enjoyed hot and warm.
2. Double paper recipe for V60. This is a fun recipe to produce a cup with medium acidity, high sweetness, syrupy and heavy body cup without bitterness.
Set up: 10g x 2 grinding at different grind size. 10g at comandante 22 clicks (finer), and one at 26click (coarser). Use a faster cone paper on the bottom such as Kono, Origami, Cafec Traditional, Cafec medium, or Hairo box.
1. Put cone filter in V60 or similar dripper, rinse, and 10g coarser grind coffee.
2. put a Kalita paper over top, and put 10g of finer grinder coffee on top of the kalita paper. You can rinse the kalita paper if you want but it is not as easy to put it on top when the paper is wet.
3. shake the dripper to distribute the coffee ground evenly.
4. Water at 94C
1. bloom with 60g of water for 45 second
2. add up to 150g of water slowly
3. Let drain (this should take around 2min
4. take off the kalita paper layer
5. continue to brew the bottom layer with 50g water, slowly.
6. finish aorund 2:45-3min total brew time
7. bypass to taste (recommend 30-50g)
More recipes to come...
- Ply
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