Rogue Wave Fall Drink Line Up 2021

Rogue Wave Fall Drink Line Up 2021


Introducing our fall drink line up! We’ve got 6 warm bevvies for you to cozy up to this season

🍫 Spiced Chocolate: Hot chocolate infused with cinnamon, clove, star anise, nutmeg, orange peel. This spiced chocolate is rich and creamy with deep complexity, perfect as a sweet pick-me up.

🍑 Peach Honey Tea Latte: Caffeine-free peach rooibos tea from The Tea Girl, sweetened with honey and topped with fluffy steamed milk. A drink full of summer flavours with a fall feel for those who want to hang onto summer a bit longer.

🍁 Cascara Tea: Sweet, syrupy, bright tea made with dried coffee skins.

🍂 Cascara Chai Tea: Cascara tea infused with our custom blend of The Tea Girl chai spices.

🍁 Chai Latte: A house-made chai concentrate for a soft but spicy chai latte to warm you from the inside out.

🇹🇭 Hot Thai Tea Latte: If you love our iced Thai tea, this hot version is extra dreamy. Intense, sweet, and creamy.

Available in-store, join us for your new favourite way to warm up this season.

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