The 5 Best Coffee And Tea Stocking Stuffers We Love

The 5 Best Coffee And Tea Stocking Stuffers We Love

While large presents under the tree are great, we think the kid in us will always love stockings because what’s not to love about a bag of small goodies?

Stocking stuffers are nice because they don’t have to break the bank, and while I (the author) usually believe that less is more, the holiday season is where I’ll allow for a moment of indulgence and say that when it comes to stockings, more is more. ;)

5 Best Coffee and Tea Stocking Stuffers

  1. Rogue Wave Sample Packs — our sample packs are always a hit during the holiday season because they’re big enough that you’ll get 2-3 pour overs out of them, but small enough that slipping a handful of them to someone as a gift doesn’t seem like too much. Also, because our coffee rotates frequently, sample packs are a great way to try out a bunch of different coffees at once. Plus, the bags are super cute!

  2. Coffee Water — if you have someone in your life who takes their coffee very seriously, we recommend Aquacode, Perfect Coffee Water, or both as something small that you can gift them. For those who are serious about coffee, they might be interested in these mineral blends to create their own coffee water as these products are meant to really highlight the coffees and create the perfect balance.

    You can thank us later when that coffee lover in your life comes back to you singing praises of how much better and balanced their coffee tastes.

  3. Rogue Wave Shirts — wear your love for your favourite coffee brewers over your heart or for coffee in general on your sleeves. These custom Rogue Wave shirts are a favourite in the shop and while we don’t have a t-shirt gun to shoot these at you, rolling one up to be found in a stocking would be our second choice.

  4. Tea — you can never go wrong with gifting tea, and we carry a selection of beautiful blends from local Edmonton tea purveyor The Tea Girl. Our pick is the Breakfast Black Tea as it’s the perfect drink to reach for on those mornings we aren’t feeling coffee (ha ha, what?), or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

  5. Torch Little Mug — New in the shop! These teeny tiny mugs are the cutest thing since the Little Glass, and we wouldn’t be mad if these mugs with their half-sickle shaped handles made its way into our gift pile. 
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