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Audilio's family has been involved in coffee production for many years. He remembers accompanying his father to the farm since he was eight years old; by the time Audilio was 14, he was already working permanently with his father on the farm, and for many years he was an important support to his father in the work of producing coffee.

At the age of 25, Audilio started working as a manager for Mr. Wilson Morales, who had just bought a property and was planning to start planting specialty coffee (he was still working on that farm as a manager); Audilio was the one who planted the entire coffee plantation on that farm. In 2018, Mr. Wilson started preparing specialty coffee from this farm, and that's when Audilio started learning and immersing himself in specialty coffee processing. In 2019, Audilio and his wife made the decision to buy 1.5 hectares of land (what is now the farm), they planted most of it with Pacas´ coffee, thinking about specialty coffee.

Little by little, Audilio continued to work on the farm and last year he was able to prepare his first micro-lots of specialty coffee. He took advantage of his knowledge from many years of work and his boss allowed him to use his wet mill and solar dryers to prepare the coffee.

Even though this year, 2024, the coffee harvest will decrease by 20%, Audilio remains confident in the quality of his coffee; better yet, he is focused on making substantial changes to his farm. This year, he will use a fertilization plan based on soil tests to improve the productivity and quality of his coffee.

Filter, Espresso, and Pourover

Honduras - Audilio Gomez Moreno | Pacas Washed

Honduras - Audilio Gomez Moreno | Pacas Washed

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This washed Pacas is super sweet and very clean with notes of:
  • Pear
  • Orange
  • Caramel
  • Strawberry

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RegionSanta Barbara, Las Vegas, El Cedral

FarmsEl Zapote

OwnerAudilio Gomez Moreno



Elevation1500 MASL


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