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From a tree-to-bean-to-bar chocolate company located in Punta Gorda, Belize. They believe in direct trade as it allows us to pay their farmers significantly more for raw wet cacao beans than the current market and Fairtrade prices. Not only does this model allow them to have quality control over each stage of the processing but it also affords the farmers the opportunity to focus on optimizing their agriculture practices.

All their cacao is sourced directly from the farmers, fermented and dried, in small-batch, at our centralized depot and processing facility in San Antonio.

Processing the beans from the farms in small-batch allows them to uniquely develop the flavor of the beans as each batch is defined distinctly as a result of the micro-climate in which they are grown.

The dried cacao beans are then transported to our chocolate factory to become premium artisanal chocolate.

80% Panamanian Dark

There is no milk in this type of chocolate. The only ingredients are cacao mass, cacao butter and sugar. Tasting notes are: Smell of mint, eucalyptus. higher astringency, vanilla, sustained citric acidity, passion fruit, bitter orange, and fresh walnut.


44% Panamanian Milk

Tasting notes are: Fruity notes, dried figs, nuts, toffee (caramel bitterness, coffee, unlike the previous).

100g / bar

Mahogany Chocolate

Mahogany Chocolate

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