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This is a Sensory Class focusing on the effect of water quality and mineral composition on coffee.

Location: Rogue Wave Coffee, 11322 119 ST NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date: Sunday May 26th 2024 / 2:00PM-6:00PM (~4 hours class) 
Class size: Maximum of 12 students

Workshop Description: 
This workshop caters to both coffee professionals and enthusiasts, focusing on the impact of minerals on coffee flavor profiles. It begins with a brief overview of water quality and mineral composition, using the Lotus Coffee Water Brew Kit. Participants will explore pre and post-water mineralization through tasting sessions, comparing coffees brewed with minerals added before and after brewing.

The session continues with a flight of coffees brewed in distilled water. One reference cup will have no minerals, while others will include various minerals added post-brewing. Through guided analysis, attendees will examine how each mineral affects the coffee's flavor.

Concluding the workshop, participants will apply their new knowledge to create a custom mineralized brew water recipe. Each recipe will be used to brew coffee for a comparative tasting, where attendees or a judging panel will vote on the best brew water. The winner receives a water prize!

Learning Objective:
- Help students understand the importance of having properly mineralized water for coffee.
- Help students understand that a coffee can be post-mineralized and still have a good result.
- Help students know what effect the various minerals have on the flavor profile of filter coffee
- Give students the opportunity to create their own mineral water recipe
- Introduce students to Lotus mineral drops as an effective method of creating water that is good for coffee brewing.

This class is lead by Trent Rollings.

Trent is an accredited Specialty Coffee Association trainer, certified World Coffee Competition judge, and have taught many classes and courses around the world. Rogue Wave Coffee have partnered up with Trent to bring world class workshops to Edmonton.

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Sensory Workshop - Water Works - May 26th 2:00PM - 6:00PM

Sensory Workshop - Water Works - May 26th 2:00PM - 6:00PM

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