Recipe: Myanmar P-ao Village Coffee

Coffee pouring from pitcher into smaller mug

It is common to come across specialty coffee and see descriptions that encapsulate terms like “interesting” and “exciting,” but this coffee from Myanmar is well-deserving of both of these titles. Its anaerobic processing method accentuates and brings out the coffee cherry’s fruit notes. Expect to find deep notes of raspberry, blueberry, cherry and plum – fruit in a cup!

It is a cup to be enjoyed while the coffee cools and the notes become more prominent. At the risk of hyperbole, coffees like this are a special occasion unto themselves. They show their true potential when brewed with intent and you take a few moments out of your day to savour your coffee.

Due to this, we are going to be sharing a recipe for a smaller cup of coffee. It is perfect for that mid-afternoon coffee break. An added benefit is that for us coffee addicts itching to try new coffees, recipes like this allow more cups of different coffee to be made in a day….and that’s a win in our books!

Here is what you need

  • 13.5g of Myanmar P-ao Village coffee
  • A conical brewer (aka a coffee dripper)
  • 210ml of water, about 30 seconds off boil (~93 degrees Celsius).


  1. This is the simple brew: pour 40g of water in a circular motion and ensure all of the coffee grounds are wet. Let the wettened coffee “bloom” for 40 seconds.
  2. At 40 seconds, once again pour in a circular, gentle motion up to 140g. Pay attention to the colour of the slurry – you are looking for a consistent colour, which points to even extraction.
  3. At 1:20, do one more final, circular, gentle pour up to 210g.
  4. Once you have completed this pour, pick your conical dripper up and give the contents of the dripper a swirl before placing the dripper back down with a ‘thunk.”

Your work is now done! Let the water draw down and prepare to indulge. Your total brew time should be 2:20-2:30. Pour your fresh brew into a warm cup and allow your mind to wander for a few minutes as you enjoy this unique coffee.


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