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A variable temperature version of the much loved TIMEMORE kettle with the same specially designed precision spout which creates a constant water stream during even the slowest pours, ensuring even extraction and eliminating unwanted agitation of the coffee. A built in flow restrictor maintains water flow at an ideal speed.

The 1000W, 600ml (20oz) Home model of the kettle is ideal for brewing two smaller cups of coffee or one really big one while still giving you enough precision to brew an amazing pourover.

For larger batch brews, at home or in the café, the 1500W, 800ml (27oz) Commercial model provides exceptional speed and control over both temperature and flow.

  • Available in Home (600ml/1000W) and Commercial (800ml/1500W) Models
  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel with easy-grip handle
  • Home Model Capacity: 600ml (20oz)
  • Commercial Model Capacity: 800ml (27oz)
  • Patented Spout Design
  • Patented Special Water Flow Structure

Timemore - Fish Electric Pourover Kettle

Timemore - Fish Electric Pourover Kettle

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