Recipe: How to Make an ORIGAMI Pour Over

Recipe: How to Make an ORIGAMI Pour Over

This is the award winning recipe developed by Ply Pasarj for his competition in the 2020 Canadian Brewer’s Cup where he was named Canadian Champion. In this video, Ply takes you through his method, what blooming coffee actually does, and why the ORIGAMI is his dripper of choice.


What you need


  1. Set up your station and insert the filter paper into the dripper. Pre-wet the filter paper to remove some of the paper taste and warm your mug, discard water.
  2. Grind your coffee to a medium grind size, around the consistency of sea salt
  3. Add 16 grams of coffee to your dripper
  4. First bloom: add 60 grams of water gently pouring the water in concentric circles. Once you reach 60 grams, wait until one minute has elapsed before beginning your second pour
  5. Second pour: add 100 grams of water all within 10 seconds of starting. Your total should be 160 grams of water added
  6. Wait until all the water has filtered through the coffee grounds (about 1:45 min). Add 95 grams of water, your total should be 255 grams of water.


Note: For a stronger brew, add only 240 grams of water. For a more gentle brew, add 265-275 grams of water

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