Origin: Mexico - Samuel Ronzon and Micro-Beneficio La Joya

Origin: Mexico - Samuel Ronzon and Micro-Beneficio La Joya


Samuel Ronzon is a third generation coffee producer and operations manager for ‘Micro-beneficio La Joya’, a mill based in Veracruz, Mexico. He has old-growth coffee trees that are almost 70 years old and still produce delicious coffee. Samuel is sometimes referred to as the "mad scientist" due to his intentional use of fermentation as a way to enchance his coffee's flavours. The end-result is a cup of coffee that is perhaps best described as an a tasting experience. Samuel's family farm, Micro-Benificio La Joya, contains 4 estates spread over 40 hectares with 2000-3000 coffea arabica trees per hectare.

Drying coffee on raised bed


We have had the lucky opportunity to briefly chat with Samuel about his coffee and his farm and came to learn that Samuel's coffees are being used world-wide in competitions ranging from Brewers Cup and Barista Competition to Coffee Master.


We feel fortunate to have been able to get a hand on 6 Kg of microlot #40. It is an amazing lot, in part due to the fact that it is one of the few single day harvest coffees we have come across. All of the coffee in this lot was harvested on April 15th, 2019. The coffee was experimental fermented in an anaerobic condition within Grainpro bags in a very control temperature for 192 hours... in Samuel's Kitchen!


About Micro-lot 40:


Region: Veracruz, Mexico
Producer: Samuel Ronzon
Farm: Micro-Beneficio La Joya
Varietal: 80% Red Bourbon + 20% Typica
Process:  Experimental Anaerobic Natural  Lot 40
192 hours controlled fermentation in GrainPro bags and slow dried at 22-34 degrees celsius
Altitude: 1200-1230 masl
Drying: 25 days on raised bed
Harvest: April 15th 2019
Tasting Notes: Raspberry Rum, Ripe Guava, Blueberry Candy, Milk Chocolate


We are excited to be one of the selected few in Canada to roast and offer this delicious, exciting, and wild coffee to you.


Here is our quick recipe for this coffee:

Pour over: Origami, V60, or Kono. Please brew between day 4 - 30 after roast date.

This coffee is better when brewed at around 92C at bloom and first pour, then finished off with a little lower temperature. This coffee also brews a little faster than most other coffee - please keep that in mind for adjusting your grind.

16g coffee (medium or medium-fine grind) to 250g water starting at 92C

1. 50g bloom for 45s

2. at 45s add up to 170g water

3. Once finished pouring, open your kettle lid and swirl it around for about 15s to reduce the temperature of water

4. At around 1:20min, add water up to 260g.

5. Your brew should finish around 2:30 min

Please adjust ratio/strength to fit your taste.

Enjoy! If you are sharing this coffee on social media then please consider tagging Samuel on Instragram @ronzonsam.

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