Initial roasting date: 

120 Hour double fermentation: September 9th - SHOP

 Semi-washed : September 16th - SHOP


Situated at 1850 meters above sea level, Ibague, Tolima, Colombia, AVE Cafes' Finca La Esperanza is a beautiful farm benefiting 5 local families. It is an example of a new generation of coffee farmers, exemplified by young crops between 3 and 5 years of age. The passions of this new generation of producers brings with it a new goal - international direct trade of wonderful, sustainable, and exciting coffee. For example, this farm has 6 varieties of coffee: Castillo, Gesha, Wush Wush, Java, Tabi, and Bourbon. For processing, Ave Cafes utilizes traditional processes such as washed, honey, and natural, alongside newer and exciting process such as extended fermentation, and semi-washed to produce an array of interesting, vibrant coffees.


We were lucky to be contacted by 2 of the founders, Juan Torres and Kelly Perez, who expressed interest in sending samples of their coffee. It is our policy to never say no to green coffee samples, and we love getting samples directly from the source. But before they sent us any coffee, our team had a virtual meeting with Juan and Kelly through Zoom to discuss our vision of coffee, how we roast, and to get a deeper understanding of how AVE Cafes grow and process their coffee. From this conversation, we selected some of their coffee to sample, cup, and grade. Within a week, we had samples straight from their farm and in our sample roaster.


Just like always, we roast and cup as a team. We came away from the cupping table impressed, particularly with the Java semi-washed and Java 120 hour extended fermentation. After more cupping and a little more brewing, we decided to purchased 15 KG of the Java Semi-Washed, and 20 KG of Java 120 Hours fermentation. We paid 22-23 USD per KG direct to Ave Cafes and their farm. These two are are their top lots of the season.



This coffee took a little vacation in Europe:

We were supposed to roast this coffee a few weeks ago, but with some more 2020 luck, our green coffee label was swapped with roasted coffee from a totally different Colombian company during US custom inspections. The roasted coffee was supposed to go to the Netherlands... We were so shocked when we got our initial delivery, but Juan stepped up right away and contacted DHL. They were able to track the other package and stop the shipment in.... Germany! So it did take a while for us to get the coffee.


About the semi washed:

Region: Ibague, Tolima, Colombia
Producer: Ave Cafes
Farm: Finca La Esperanza
Founders:  Juan Torres, Kelly x. Perez, and Hector Rodriguez
Varietal/Species: Java
Altitude: 1800-1900 MASL
Harvest: 2020


Special Semi-washed - The coffees were immersed in water twice to isolate the immature cherries prior to pulping. Then the pulped cherry went though a gentle water fountain to leave the beans with a thin mucilage layer prior to being dried on Marquesinas beds. According to AVE Cafes, this is the jewel of the 2020 harvest.

120 hour double fermentation - The coffee cherry starts a 48 hour fermentation before pulping in the absence of oxygen, which generates an environment in which microorganisms begin eating up the cherries' sugars. It also can be interpreted as a preparation stage in which we let the cherries get used to a new environment without stress. After this, the cherries are pulped and undergo a normal washed process. After this, the beans go into a 72 Hr fermentation that is instrumental for the beans to develop all its fruitiness and deep flavors. The first fermentation is done to complete the sweetness of the cup and the second one is done to process the remaining sugar and transform it into a bomb of flavors and acidity.

Initial cupping notes:

Java Semi-Washed: Citrus Pomelo and myer lemon, Berries, Mango, Cherry, Caramel, Cocoa, Toffee, Guava, Honey, Fudge, Light Umami, Pu-erh black tea, Milk tea, Buttery, Juicy, and at tiny bit of umami

Java 120 Hour Double Fermentation: Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Lychee, Longan, Peaches, Sour Plum, Chocolate and Cocoa nib, Green Apple, Basil, Tea, light syrup,full texture, and long sweet finish

Wush Wush Experimental Fermentation: Citrus grapefruit, milky tropical, light red berries, lychee, stewed apricot, watermelon, sweet glass and black tea, pleasant sweet finish

Try brewing these coffees with your favorite recipes and see how the coffee shines with some gentle tweaks.

We are super grateful to be able to form this direct trade relationship with AVE Cafe and their vibrant farm.



- Ply


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