The Most Loved Coffee Brewers and Mugs

The Most Loved Coffee Brewers and Mugs

If you’ve been with us this far, you know that we love colour and it seems that you do as well. When looking back on this year and which were your favourite brewers and mugs, the top choices were all fun, colourful, and playful — all good things in our books. 

So here’s the skinny the most loved brewers and mugs chosen by you, and we’re sure someone in your life wouldn’t mind finding one of these items under the tree this holiday season.

1. Origami Dripper Size Small and Medium

Geometric and coming in a rainbow of solid and pastel colours, the Origami dripper is our best seller for a reason! This porcelain brewer’s ridges optimize the bloom and brew speed, and its pleasing aesthetic looks marvellous on all shelves alike.


2. Origami Barrel Aroma Mug

Like the Aroma Mug, the Barrel Aroma Mug was designed for greater fragrance retention to enhance the user’s sensory experience; and coming in 16 colours, this mug is great for any and all hot beverages. 


3. Kono Color Plastic Dripper

The Kono is the OG coffee dripper! These heat resistant resin drippers are fun, playful, lightweight, and can brew a mean cup of coffee. Proof that sometimes simple is best, and less is more.

4. Aerobie – Aeropress

Known as the on-the-go brewer of choice, the Aerobie Aeropress is versatile, easy to use, and with 350 filters and a scoop included, all you need is a bag of beans to get started!  


5. Kinto Travel Tumbler

Our most popular travel tumbler, the simple cap design allows for easy drinking and a vacuum sealed double-walled stainless steel means hot drinks stay hot, and cold drinks stay cold.


6. Torch Mountain Dripper

The Torch Mountain Dripper is our answer to sweet, full-bodied, and jammy cups of coffee as the flat bottom design lets more oil from the coffee beans pass through. The wooden ash base that holds the Torch Mountain is the perfect accompaniment that makes it feel artisanal.


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