Tips for a Better Brew | At Home or Travelling

Tips for a Better Brew | At Home or Travelling

Need some pointers on how to brew a little better each time? We have them for you:

  1. Use measurements
    Use a digital scale no matter if you make coffee by french press, pour over or automatic machine. It is near impossible to make consistently tasty cups of coffee by eye measurements. Using a scale is a simple and easy way to produce a better cup of coffee.

  2. Use Freshly Roasted and Freshly Ground Coffee
    Coffee is at its best within 4 weeks of roasting. Using fresh coffee for your brews will make an impact on overall taste. Simply, you will have a more vibrant, tastier  and fuller cup of coffee. Coffee grinders are an investment, but there is perhaps no better step you can take to improve your daily cup than by grinding your coffee shortly before brewing. Coffee oxidizes quickly after it is ground and grinding it fresh will produce a significantly better cup of coffee as compared to pre-ground coffee.

  3. Ratios
    A good rule of thumb is to start at a 1:15 ratio. This means that for every gram of coffee you will add 15 grams of water.  If that gives you a weak coffee then adjust your grinder finer and vice versa if the coffee is too strong. This will vary from coffee to coffee and from brewing device to brewing device.

  4. Contact time
    Ever heard of the word under-extraction? It is easy to under extract your coffee and contact time might have something to do with it! It will vary from brew devices and what recipe you use. However, using a timer to check in on your contact time will help your brews.

  5. Use Good Quality Water
    Filter water is a great start to having better quality cups of coffee at home. If you want to dabble in perfecting your coffee water, you can make your own coffee water or use products like Aquacode. However, we always recommend starting by filtering your tap water if you are new to this.

  6. Clean your brewing equipment after every brew.
    Rinse your brew devices after you use them! Using a previously used device that wasn’t properly cleaned can add bitterness or unpleasant notes to your freshly brewed cup.

  7. Keep an open mind.
    Have you ever made a great cup of coffee but did all the wrong things? It’s all good and a necessary part of learning how to improve your coffee game. Remember that drinking what you enjoy most and enjoy is what matters most. Enjoy the journey along the way!

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