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This is April's own customized wave-paper-filter created to be used with the April brewing-kit.

What makes this filter special

1. It's the only paper filter in the world made specifically for our brewing-kit
2. Thickness of the paper
3. The material (a specific wood pulp)
4. Shape & form of the filter

It's designed to create an optimal flow-rate (how the water goes through the coffee)
  • 50 filters per box
  • 2 size, Small or Large
  • We recommend using the Large paper filters for the Plastic Brewer, and the Small paper filters for the Glass & Ceramic brewersThe main differences are the base of the filter, and the height. Here are the measurements:
    - Base Width: Small: 4.5cm / Large: 5.7cm
    - Height: Small: 5.5cm / Large 6cm

April - Paper Filters 50 Filters

April - Paper Filters 50 Filters

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