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From April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark, comes the plastic April Pour-Over Brewer. It's super easy to use and allows everyone to brew better-tasting coffee with a design that allows you to extract the most out of your coffee, focusing on balance and sweetness at all temperatures.

A unique flat bottom structure regulates the flow rate to produce a consistently sweet and balanced taste experience.

Material: Polycarbonate dripper, Plastic holder ring with pressure-control vents

April Filters sold separately: Click HERE

NOTE: This April Brewer is a V2 -with the type of plastic to ensure better durability.  FDA-approved Polycarbonate, Makrolon® 2456 550115. This has increased the weight of the brewer by 7g and improved its ability to maintain a consistent brewing temperature. 

April - Plastic Brewer

April - Plastic Brewer

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