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This coffee is naturally low in caffeine due to the 2 varietals that make up the lot.

Aramosa - a cross between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa, done to blend the low caffeine and drought resistance of Racemosa with the flavour of Arabica. Since the plant produces less caffeine, the beans always taste very sweet, floral, and devoid of any bitterness. This makes the Aramosa varietal extremely hard to grow as it naturally contains only 0.3-0.7% caffeine (regular Arabica coffee has up to 1.8%).

Laurina - a rare, low-caffeine variety of Arabica coffee that has its origins on Réunion, near Madagascar. This coffee, which has only ⅓ of the caffeine of regular Arabica coffee, which gives the coffee its sweet taste (caffeine having a bitter taste). It is also known as Bourbon Pointu, so named for both its island of birth (the island of Réunion was formerly called Bourbon) and the elongated and pointed shape of the coffee.

Since caffeine acts as a coffee plant's inherent insecticide, and both Laurina and Aramosa are naturally low in caffeine, they are both more challenging to grow and harvest, leading to their relative scarcity and popularity.

More about Daterra farm:

Daterra farms are located in a lovely steady climate, dry, fresh winters, and warm-wet summers...  perfect conditions for growing amazing coffee. Their farms in the city of Patrocínio are the oldest coffee plantations in Brazilian Cerrado region, and it is among the best coffee producing areas in the country. Daterra often works with many coffee competitors to be at the forefront of innovation in coffee processing to create interesting and exceptional coffees every year.

Daterra Recognition:

1st Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil
1st Climate-friendly farm verified to meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Climate Module.
Winner of the prize “Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015” by Globo Rural, Brazil’s major agricultural magazine, as the most sustainable farm in the country

Photos are from Ply's visit to Daterra.

Espresso, Filter, and Pourover

Brazil - Daterra Low Caf Reserve | Pulped Natural - 250g

Brazil - Daterra Low Caf Reserve | Pulped Natural - 250g

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This Pulped Natural coffee is clean and low in bitterness with notes that remind us of:
  • Strawberry
  • White Grape
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Plum

Coffee Details



FarmsDaterra Farms



VarietiesAramosa, Laurina

Elevation1150 MASL

ProcessPulped Natural

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