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The revolutionary idea of making gouges in the internal surface of the infusion cone allows to keep a sufficient air layer between the paper and the `` dripper '' so that the coffee powder can expand completely as in a Nel Dripper. The cone-shaped tool therefore helps to form a deep filter layer and allow water to circulate inside the cone. Water penetrates all over the coffee powders so that the coffee taste becomes smooth but with body. This manual brewing method helps keep a deep filter layer to bring out the flavors of the coffee. In addition, the bottom of the infusion cone which ends in a serrated opening allows for better flow paths which make the infusion more stable.

Arita porcelain
It is a representative porcelain brand of Japan with a history of around 400 years. High quality porcelain clay and stone powder are mixed and fired at a very high temperature of 1300. It is made of a very hard and resistant mineral and its texture is very

Your purchase includes an infusion cone, matching measuring spoon, and simple brewing instructions:

1. All you have to do is place the CAFEC conical filter in the infusion cone and fill it with your ground coffee: between 12 to 25 grams of coffee depending on the size of your cup
2. Then place the cone on your cup or decanter and pour boiling water with a temperature between 94 and 98 degrees Celsius using circular motions over the coffee. Make even circles from the center, first a small circle once and then a large circle then stop and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to brew and start again 2 to 3 times depending on the size of your cup.
3. Make sure you stick to the 2-to-one ratio, so for 12-25g of ground coffee, you will need to add double the water.

The flowering infusion cone offers a bottom angle at its base of 60°
1 cup size:
Top Diameter: 3.75 "Base Diameter: 4" Height: 3 "..
This item is suitable for Cafec ABACA white coffee filters FSC # 1 and # 4 certified whether you choose the light, medium or dark roast filter.

Cafec - Porcelain Flower Dripper 1 cup

Cafec - Porcelain Flower Dripper 1 cup

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