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Cream Earl Grey Black Tea

From the Tea Girl:

High grown Ceylon black tea lightly infused with bergamot and a sweet finish of vanilla flavour, decorated with jasmine blossoms and cornflowers. A smooth lighter cup of Earl Grey.

Ingredients: black tea, jasmine blossoms, white & blue cornflowers flavours.

Tea Girl notes:

This is our most popular tea blend that out sells any other flavours 2:1. The combination of the creamy smooth vanilla with the bright bergamot makes a perfect cup of tea everytime. The vanilla keeps the infusion light and sweet and the bergamot adds a hint of fresh citrus that is found in a classic cup of earl grey. This tea can take milk and sugar well, or be enjoyed just as it is.

50g bag - loose leaves

The Tea Girl - Cream Earl Grey

The Tea Girl - Cream Earl Grey

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