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From the Tea Girl:

This black tea is a blend of Ceylon tea from Kenilworth Estate in Sri Lanka with a double infusion of true bergamot flavour and orange blossoms. The scent of the leaves is bright sweet lemon and orange rind. The infusion is tending light with bitter orange flavour with a lingering delicate dry perfume that accompanies any good bergamot.


The Tea Girl Notes:

To fully appreciate a good earl grey, one has to learn a lot about bergamot fruits. These small bitter oranges pack a ton of flavour, one of dry bitter orange with a sweet lemon scent. True bergamot is strong, and a little goes a long way. This tea is flavoured to the maximum strength while maintaining a pleasant aroma and not over powering liqour perfume. The orange blossoms highlight the origin of the traditional flavour.

50g bag - loose leaves

The Tea Girl - Double Bergamot

The Tea Girl - Double Bergamot

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