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The Mierisch family has been producing coffee for over 110 years, making them one of the oldest coffee farming families in the country. For the past 5 generations, they have been innovating and steadily improving the efficiency of their systems, creating momentum that has enabled them to design special farming practices at scale with pin-point lot traceability and produce world renowned, rare coffee varieties with unique and exceptional processing methods.
The Mierisch family produces their coffees across 11 farms in Nicaragua and 3 in Honduras. Their coffees are well recognized around the world; the incredible response from their Los Favoritos Auction and back to back 1st place at the Cup or Excellence in Honduras is a testament to their dedication, hard work and understanding of the importance of a quality value chain.

The Yellow Pacamara is a natural mutation of the Red Pacamara (a cross between a Maragogype and Pacas). First discoveredon their farm El Limoncillo around 2004. They re-planted some seeds from these initial trees and from there have grown this varietal on their other farms as well. This varietal requires more food (fertilizer) than other varieties, about 20% more when compared to a Bourbon or Caturra, and requires soil that is rich in magnesium, zinc, and potassium (which La Huella is generously endowed with). It is also a varietal that is susceptible to diseases and does not produce a large yield. Despite these disadvantages, this varietal produces a spectacular cup profile. Fruitier and more citric than its red maturing cousin.

Filter, Espresso, and Pourover

Nicaragua - El Limoncillo Fincas Mierisch | Yellow Pacamara Natural - 150g

Nicaragua - El Limoncillo Fincas Mierisch | Yellow Pacamara Natural - 150g

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This natural Yellow Pacamara coffee is bright and sweet with notes that remind us of:
  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Red Grape
  • Caramel
  • Orange
  • Floral

Coffee Details



FarmsEl Limoncillo

OwnerMierisch Family


VarietiesYellow Pacamara

Elevation1315-1400 MASL


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