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This is the first Kalita product line created in Niigata prefecture with "Made in Tsubame" mark that is set to the highest standard by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Niigata prefecture is known for its craftsmanship in metalwork.

Produced with Kalita’s traditional three-hole structure with a flat bottom designed to extract evenly allowing to accommodate  many style of brew.

#155 brews 1-2 small cups
Use Kalita wave 155 filters sold separately
Material: Stainless
Dishwasher safe
Size: #155: Height 5.7x Diameter 10.5cm
Weight: #155: 197 g (Postage weight 200g)
Made in Japan

Kalita Wave - Tsubame - Stainless

Kalita Wave - Tsubame - Stainless

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