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Kinto Slow Coffee Style Stainless Steel Filter

One of our favorite products. It is a reusable filter that lets more coffee oil through, resulting in a cup of coffee richer and fuller in bod

Size 2 Cups - Fits on the V60-01, Kono 2 person, Origami S, and similar cone shape filter

Size 4 Cups - Fits on the Chemex, V60 02, Kono 4 person, Origami M, and  and similar sized conical filter apparatus.

Material: stainless steel, co-polyester. Dishwasher Safe.

Recommendation: Medium-coarse grind, slow consistent pour in a circular motion, 1:15 coffee to water ratio. For proper extraction, be mindful not to pour directly onto the metal filter.

Kinto - SCS Stainless Steel Filter

Kinto - SCS Stainless Steel Filter

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