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Paper filter for pour overs. Comes in a pack of 100. 

Fits: Kono Meimon, Hario V60, Origami, and similar drippers

Material: Cotton

These filters are more porous and rougher than Hario V60 tab filters. The result is a quicker draw time on the V60. 

Available Size:
- MD-25 - 2 Person - Fits Kono Meimon 2 Person Dripper, Hario V60 01, ORIGAMI S dripper, and similar drippers
- MD-45 - 4 Person - Fits Komo Meimon Classic 4 Person Dripper, Hario V60 02, ORIGAMI M dripper, and similar drippers


Kono - Paper Filter 2 cup | 4 cup

Kono - Paper Filter 2 cup | 4 cup

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